Who is “Big Apple” or “Manzana”, the RKT singer of Gran Hermano Argentina 2023 and what is his Instagram like?

Federico Farías He was the first participant to enter the house of Big Brother 2023. She is 24 years old and they tell her “Apple” either “big apple”. She is from the province of Tucumán and currently lives with his dog in his apartment in Buenos Aires.

I don’t want to define myself as famous”said the participant. “Apple” ago RKT cumbiaand his best-known song, “Que a Pasao”, exceeds 25 million views.

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Big Apple began broadcasting on the Twitch platform with a borrowed computer and today it is established as one of the influential singers of the moment.

Meet “Manzana”, the GH cumbiero

What is the Instagram of “Big Apple”, from Big Brother 2023

The “Manzana” Instagram account is applesk.

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