Who is Catalina Gorostidi, the participant of Big Brother 2023, daughter of a well-known former soccer player

Catalina Gorostidi She was the last participant to enter Big Brother 2023 (Telefe). She is daughter of Adrian Gorostidiformer player of Columbus of Santa Fe and maintained: “I never go unnoticed, I always attract attention.”

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“Throughout my childhood we were nomads because of my dad’s job, who was a professional soccer player. New life, new school, new leader,” he stated. Additionally, she revealed that she is a pediatrician but “this is her dream.” “I love uploading hot photos, I was very booty. Basically, it was like hanging out with the Workshops and Belgrano at the same time,” he commented.

Also, she confessed to having dated a world champion in Qatar 2022. Regarding his personality, he said: “I am a very fair person, I don’t care about anything at all, which bothers me, I tell you. I’m going to go for your jugular and I don’t care about anything,” she closed.

The former player’s daughter claimed that she was a bootie and had dated a “La Scaloneta” player. (Video: Telefe)

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