Why Flor Vigna leaked the CAUSES of her SEPARATION from Luciano Castro

A few days ago, Flor Vigna (29) published a statement briefly explaining that he had separated from Luciano Castro at the end of Decemberalthough without specifying the causes, despite the many disagreements he had had with the actor because of problems with his family.

In any case, Flor did tell in private why he decided to break up the couple he had formed with the 48-year-old actor in 2022after his separation from Sabrina Castro, with whom he has two children: Fausto and Esperanza.

It was slightly correct (eltrece)Virginia Gallardo said that she was able to speak with Flor Vigna thanks to their intimate relationship. “He is not going through a good time, except professionally, which is finding its direction,” said the former show partners.

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Among several comments about the details of the relationship between the actor and the singer, Gallardo specified: “Fundamentally, they are separated due to his age and his personal problems with his family, which have evidently weighed on him.”.

To all this, Virginia added all the rumors that added to this separation in the last week when Mimi Alvarado involved her in an alleged affair with Pedro Alfonsoand revealed that the young woman went on vacation to Patagonia to get away from everything.

“I felt like she wanted to isolate herself and not talk,” said Virginia, and explained that the singer does not want to give out cell phones. “The novelty is Flor Vigna’s post-existential crisis refuge. He told me ‘I don’t want to be there, I don’t want to see, I want to take my time to dedicate myself to music,’ added the guest panelist.

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