Why Nito Artaza and Cecilia Milone could divorce after a new crisis

After maintaining a secret romance for several years, Cecilia Milone and Nito Artaza They decided to whitewash the relationship in 2006 and ended up getting married ten years later, although This whole love story could end in divorce soon.

Ángel de Brito said this Wednesday on LAM that the couple is going through a crisis that could be terminal due to “the toxicity” that contaminates the relationship. “Once again they are on the brink of separation and divorce,” said the driver after an endless “enigmatic” conversation.

Cecilia Milone and Nito Artaza. (Photo: @ceciliamilone)

“He was seen alone yesterday at an event and she was alone over the weekend at the Martin Fierro de la Moda, always impeccable, the years don’t pass him by“explained Ángel de Brito, in reference to the prominent role he had in the 30th anniversary of Dracula, at Luna Park.

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But if viewers found the news surprising, the causes of the crisis left them speechless since De Brito explained that the unrest had its origins in that the prominent actress reproached the comedian that he didn’t praise her in his social media posts or post photos together.

It is the second deep crisis that the marriage is experiencing in a short time since in January 2022 Another conflict arose in the middle of the Mar del Plata season related to living together in an apartment they occupied in Mar del Plata.

Nito would have liked to have a child with Cecilia.

We are going to rent another apartment because the one we are in is not in good condition. Nothing works“Nito told TN Show on that occasion, upon seeing that his wife had cut herself off and rented another property without waiting for the real estate agency to take care of the change.

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