Why Raúl Lavié did not want to charge for his performance at Javier Milei’s presidential gala

Listen to the testimony of Negro Raúl Lavié about his experience at the Teatro Colón. (Photo: Instagram / raullavieok)

The day of inauguration of President Javier Milei culminated with a concert at the emblematic Colon Theater, In Buenos Aires city. He repertoire was chosen exclusively by the libertarian depending on their musical tastes and, in that sense, asked that Raúl Lavie perform a version of “Balada para un loco”, a classic tango by Astor Piazzolla.

In dialogue with Lorena Maciel and William Wolf in TN from 10 to 13the 78-year-old singer said that he felt honored by this experience and also He explained why he did not want to charge a cachet for his performance.

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“I am always ready to sing. Jorge Telerman, general director of the Teatro Colón, called me and told me ‘Negro’, we have a special request from the president so that you can sing ‘Balada para un loco’”, he began by saying.

Raúl Lavié in the dressing rooms of the Teatro Colón. (Photo: Instagram / raullavieok)

Then, he indicated why he did not want to receive money in exchange for his presentation. “Telerman told me pass me the cachet and I told him how am I going to pass the cachet, no way. I’m not paying for this event! I went with my heart, I shouldn’t charge anything; “I should not charge such a thing, even though we artists live off what we generate.”

“Given this very singular fact, of being present in this change, which we hope will be successful, I cannot charge. I feel very happy and clean of spirit“, held.

“Balada para un loco”, a classic by Astor Piazzolla in the voice of Raúl Lavié

Raúl Lavie He assured that performing “Balada para un loco” at the Teatro Colón was a very rewarding experience, since he had a great relationship with Astor Piazzolla.

“I have been singing it for more or less 54 years. I was one of the first male singers to sing it after Amelita (Baltar) died. Piazzolla, once upon a time, I have a video recorded by him, he thanked me for having been the first to trust her music and spread it,” he recalled. And he stressed: “It is the best legacy and I promised him that I was going to do it that way”.

For the artist, this Sunday’s presidential gala was a finishing touch in his connection with the work of the bandoneon player and great Argentine composer. “I think it is the culmination of what Astor intended: for his music to be in the most important events.“, accurate.

Jorge Macri received President Javier Milei at the Teatro Colón. (Photo: City Government)

In addition, he noted that he received a call from Daniel Piazzolla, Astor’s son, who was very happy about the fact that his father’s music is the protagonist of a very important moment in the history of Argentina.

“Sand he felt moved because his father, who was part of that generational change that occurred in tango, be in this single act and in this stage of our political life, which is the inauguration of the new president who has brought hope to many of us, a light, a way out that is going to be hard“, complete.

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