Why Yuyito González benched Marina Calabró after Iliana’s strong claim

The way that Iliana Calabro made public his conflict with Marina Calabro generated a tremendous debate regarding the sisters’ relationship, and Yuyito González was forceful in justifying the attitude of the youngest daughter sister of Juan Carlos Calabro and Mrs. Coca.

“I don’t know if it’s positive. That is, if she is going to generate a rapprochement with Marina, having told her in PH“, started the driver of Start the day (Monday to Friday at 10 a.m. City Magazine).

“Those things make you say ‘he’s right’ because of a reflection, or ‘how you screwed me up’…,” he continued.

At that point, Amalia acknowledged that she only meets four times a year with her two brothers: “There are dynamics between siblings that are not together every day. I would love to, but that is not the case.”


“There are things that one has to deal with in therapy. Why does it affect me so much that my sister is not there? “It is a personal issue,” she analyzed.

Then, he got to the point: “You can’t demand that people respond the way you need, assuming that they are your partner.”

“You cannot demand that people respond as you need, assuming that they are your partner.”

“For me it’s healthy that if you have a person you don’t want to text back for your mental health… it’s about that. not answering messages. You let them pass,” Yuyito González closed about the confrontation between Marina and Iliana Calabró.

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