Works to stop floods in San Joaquín de Flores are delayed

Image of the works as of December 6, 2023. Screenshot/Conavi

The construction works of the new rainwater system to address the recurring problem of flooding on national routes 119 and 123, in San Joaquín de Flores, in Herediaregister delays in the planned schedules.

He Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) and the National Road Council (Conavi) They indicated that the project would end in November after having started in May. However, as of December 6, there has been an advance of 50%.

This Wednesday, Conavi indicated that the works are carried out in 3 phases and that each one will be completed in different periods. Only for the first one do they have clarity on the possible completion date.

“The first stage will be on February 17, 2024, from the traffic light at the old tire factory to the San Lorenzo intersection. The second stage is in charge of the Municipality of Flores. The third stage in National Route No. 119 is from Pollos Doquis to the Educational Crecer community“said the council.

Currently, according to the entity, the project is carrying out work to place asphalt mix and stabilized base in the section between the traffic light intersection of Llantera El Porvenir and the intersection of Calle la Morgue.

Additionally, work on laying pipes continues. 2.13 meters from the San Ángel Educational Center heading towards the San Lorenzo crossing. Also, among the work fronts in development is the construction of the outlet head in Quebrada Flores and the construction of the cordon and pipe along the sections that are being intervened.

According to Conavi, in order to take advantage of the favorable weather conditions of this time, they are working with extended hours from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm

The entity and the Municipality of Flores maintain constant communication with the businesses affected by these tasks to discuss issues regarding the progress of the works.

The works were scheduled to be completed in November. Screenshot

The national public bidding process was opened since 2021 through the Integrated Public Procurement System (Sicop) and the award was finalized on September 6, 2022.

The investment in the project amounts to ₡1,542 million and was scheduled to be executed within a period of 6 months.

Conavi explained that the work begins at the corner that connects Avenida 3 with National Route 123, at the intersection of the Super Snacks business and extends for 1.4 kilometers to the intersection that allows turning east towards the church of Llorente de Flores and west towards the Saint Nicholas Of Flüe educational centeron the way to Santa Barbara.

The routes under intervention are vital for the vehicular flow in the canton of Flores and towards the canton of Santa Bárbara.

“Although this is a very important route, there are alternative transportation options from the center of Flores behind the church to connect with San Lorenzo. Likewise, there are other alternative routes in San Lorenzo that allow you to avoid the work area,” the council stated in previous press releases.

You can even travel from Heredia through Mercedes Sur towards San Lorenzo and from there towards Flores and Santa Bárbara. Likewise, there are alternatives between Flores and Mercedes Norte and Barva, so it is expected not to cause many inconveniences to users.

The intervention consists of the construction of a storm sewage system that collects the rainwater contributed by some sections of the aforementioned national routes.

The works to be carried out include the placement of concrete pipes, the construction of curbs and pipes, the placement of pavement, as well as road signs and demarcation.

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