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2024/5/27 19:16(Updated at 19:46 on 5/27)

Artists Chung Hsin Ling (from left), Yang Mingwei,
Artists Chung Hsin Ling (from left), Yang Mingwei, “Yong Rabbit” Lin Yanyu, and Huang Peijia joined forces in the drama “My Mother-in-Law 2”. Yang Mingwei and Yong Rabbit were blessed with a baby, but the child turned out to be a mixed-race baby, which made Yang Mingwei laugh at himself : “I can’t help it, I can’t run as fast as others.” (Provided by public television) Fax of Central News Agency reporter Hong Sujin, May 27, 113

(Central News Agency reporter Hong Sujin, Taipei, 27th) Artist Yongtu gave birth to a blue-eyed mixed-race baby in the drama “My Mother-in-law 2”, which made her husband Yang Mingwei cuckold. The two talked about this ridiculous plot in the live broadcast. Yongtu admitted that he did not know the role. Yang Mingwei put on a cuckold and laughed at himself: “I can’t run as fast as others.”

Yang Mingwei and his pregnant wife Lin Yanyu (Yong Rabbit) started a business and ran a hand-cranked drink shop together in the drama “Why is My Mother-in-law So Cute 2”. The two welcomed a new life in their bellies, but unexpectedly Yong Rabbit gave birth to a “blue-eyed hybrid” “Baby”, unexpectedly revealed the fact that the other half was cheating. In fact, both husband and wife had “cheating”. This made Zhang Shuwei, who was standing by, shook his head and said, “You two are really like a turtle with a smile but no tail.”

Yongtu said during the live broadcast, “Actually, she didn’t know the character until now. After all, she didn’t expect the foreign backpacker to hit the target at the first shot.” Yang Mingwei also smiled bitterly and said, “No way, I can’t run as fast as others.” Chung Xinling laughed at the side. Said: “I have been busy for a long time and it is not your fault.”

During the live broadcast, Yang Mingwei was originally wearing a dark gray hat. As soon as he was named the “cuckold prince”, Yang Mingwei immediately changed into a “cuckold hat”, making Chung Xinling and Yongtu burst out laughing. (Editor: Zhang Yajing) 1130527

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