you can gain your own weight in olive oil

Scale in hand, a laSexta team goes to the town of Herrera, in Seville. There is a succulent prize at stake: citizens can choose to win their own weight in oil. At an average price of ten euros per kilo, A person weighing about 80 kilos can take 800 euros in that liquid gold; liquid gold because its price, for several months now, has been exorbitant.

The neighbors say they are very happy with this initiative. “It is the best thing they can give you, oil” or “for how the oil is, great,” they say. But it is not in exchange for nothing, there is only one condition, as the first deputy mayor and president of the Association of Businessmen and Merchants of Herrera has indicated to this chain. , Francisco Durán.

“Buy at any local business in Herrera and deposit the ticket in the corresponding urn at City Hall,” said Durán. And with this initiative, the City Council of this Sevillian municipality aims to encourage purchases in these establishments and give a prize to buyers from Herrera and the entire region.

Hence, the motto of this campaign: “This Christmas, shopping at Herrera has a reward.” From now until after Kings Day You can participate with every purchase.

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