You can now make your voice notes disappear on WhatsApp


The same function that until now was available for photos and video finally reaches audio


The spies of Mission Impossible They always received their instructions as audio and video messages that self-destructed a few seconds after listening. Now you can do the same with voice messages WhatsApp.

The latest update to the messaging service has activated the “single view” option for voice notes sent through the platform. Once the message is heard, it disappears and is no longer available to the recipient.

It is a similar option to the one that photographs and videos have had on the platform since 2021 and, as in these cases, the audio files received are not stored in the phone’s memory. The limits of the function are similar as well. You can only know if the recipient has opened the voice message if they have read receipts enabled and If messages are not heard within 14 days, they disappear.

“When you want to read your credit card details to a friend or when you are planning a surprise, now you can also share confidential information through voice messages with greater peace of mind,” they explain from Meta.

How to activate it

The feature will be activated over the next few days for all users and is accessed with a new icon that appears in the voice message recording tool.

When you activate recording and swipe up to keep the microphone active, there is now a small icon with a number 1 next to the visual representation of the voice memo. Pressing it activates the single view function and a message on the screen reminds the user that they are sending an audio that will be destroyed once opened.

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