Zé Neto appears for the first time after an accident and says: “I don’t know what’s worse”

Zé Neto (Reproduction: Instagram/Youtube of the duo)
Zé Neto (Reproduction: Instagram/Youtube of the duo)

On the afternoon of this Friday, December 8th, the countryman Zé Netofrom the duo with Christianappeared for the first time on social media after suffering a car accident on the night of last Tuesday, 5th. The celebrity’s car overturned after a collision and he is hospitalized for observation.

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Cristiano published a video with his career partner in the hospital. In the post, Zé Neto is lying on his bed in the infirmary room and with a bandage on his arm, due to a deep cut in the accident and underwent a surgical procedure to suture the area.

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Further on, Zé highlighted that he is well and recovering. In the post, the singer’s duo also played a joke with their friend when talking about the reason for the accident: “What does it feel like to be ground in a blender, try to save a possum and the possum dies?”declared Critiano, due to the fact that Zé had an accident while trying to avoid an animal on the highway and ended up invading the opposite lane.

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Therefore, Zé Neto responded and thanked: “I don’t know what was worse… Thank God, I just want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers. I’m not following much, I don’t have a cell phone. I came down from the ICU and now I’m going to take out my cell phone to see”, declared Cristiano’s duo. It is worth noting that, for now, the musical artist will continue with no expected discharge. His duo highlighted this: “Zé is still going to have a cup of tea in the hospital to be 100%. It is good too”informed the friend.

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Hours earlier, the medical team at the hospital where Zé Neto is hospitalized sent a new bulletin: “The São José do Rio Preto Base Hospital informs that the singer Zé Neto (José Toscano Martins Neto) remains hospitalized in the infirmary room under the care and observation of the medical team. The patient’s clinical condition has been evolving positively, with him being conscious and oriented. There is no forecast for hospital discharge. According to medical protocols, it is recommended that patients remain in a hospital environment when involved in a high-impact automobile accident. Due to fractures in three ribs, since admission to the ICU, the patient has been performing respiratory physiotherapy exercises to contribute to his well-being. Fracture treatment is conservative.”says the statement.

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