Zé Neto reassures fans after accident: ‘Everything is fine’

Zé Neto reassures fans after accident – ​​Reproduction/Instagram

The singer Zé Neto, from the duo with Cristiano, left everyone worried after a serious accident on BR 153, in Fronteira, Minas Gerais. He had to avoid an animal on the road when leaving a ranch, overturning the vehicle.

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In a video sent to Leo Dias, the countryman appeared while still in the hospital, reassuring and revealing that he is fine, calming his fans. Zé Neto also thanked him for the messages of support and affection received.

In the images, he appears alongside his wife Natália Toscano and takes the opportunity to show his good humor. “Passing by to reassure all the people who accompany you there, thank you for your affection, concerns and prayers. I think this year is enough, okay?”he joked.

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The singer also spoke about his estimated time to leave the hospital. According to him, he is being very well received by everyone and will soon be back on stage. “Thank God everything is fine, I think it will be another 2 or 3 days, the estimate for my discharge. I’ve already left the ICU and I’m in the room, as you can see here, well received, thank God. We’ll be back on stage soon!” completed.

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New medical bulletin

This Saturday (9), a new medical bulletin was released about Zé Neto’s health status. It says that the artist still has no forecast for an increase, but has shown a great recovery.

+ New medical bulletin reveals health status of singer Zé Neto

“The São José do Rio Preto Base Hospital informs that the singer Zé Neto (José Toscano Martins Neto) remains hospitalized in the infirmary room under the care and observation of the medical team. The patient’s clinical condition is considered positive, with a very satisfactory evolution, however, medical monitoring in a hospital environment is recommended.”says the bulletin, informing that the singer continues to perform respiratory physiotherapy exercises.

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