Zé Neto’s health status and clinical picture are updated by the medical team

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Zé Neto (Photo: Instagram)

On the afternoon of this Thursday, December 7th, the singer Zé Neto had his health status and clinical picture updated by the medical team at the Hospital de Base de São José do Rio Preto. According to the new medical bulletin, the country music star and Cristiano’s duo was discharged from the ICU two days after suffering a serious car accident.

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“The São José do Rio Preto Base Hospital informs that the singer Zé Neto (José Toscano Martins Neto) was transferred from the ICU to the infirmary room this Thursday afternoon (December 7)”reported the program ‘Fofocalizando’, from SBT, at the end of this Thursday’s edition.

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Later, the celebrity program team informed what the medical team’s assessment of Zé Neto was. “The medical bulletin informs that, given the seriousness of the car accident he suffered, doctors consider Zé Neto’s clinical evolution to be very positive, seeing the patient collaborate in an important way with the multidisciplinary team that assisted him in the last two days of hospitalization”reported the attraction’s reporter live.

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On Wednesday morning, Zé Neto’s wife, Natália, said that she helped with first aid after the singer crashed into a trailer. She did not witness the collision, but was able to help rescue her husband when she saw the accident: “Zé is fine, stable. I stayed there with him until now, in fact, I did the first aid, I was the one who helped him on the spot, but everything went fine. Now he is under observation”she famously said in a statement on social media.

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Last Tuesday, the 5th, singer Zé Neto, from the duo Zé Neto and Cristiano, suffered an accident at night on BR-153, in Fronteira (MG). According to police, the vehicle he was in overturned after a collision. He was taken to the Hospital de Base de São José do Rio Preto (SP) and is not at risk of death. According to the singer’s press office, he suffered a fractured rib, in addition to other injuries, and must spend the night in the ICU under observation. Cervical and neck CT scans showed normality.

Zé Neto’s wife, from the duo with Cristiano, said she helped with first aid after the singer crashed into a trailer, on BR-153, in Fronteira (MG). The accident happened on Tuesday night (5) and the artist remains hospitalized in the ICU in São José do Rio Preto (SP).

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