Zelensky warns that “millions” of people are exposed to hunger due to the blockade of ports

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned the international community this Thursday that “millions” of people are exposed to hunger due to the Russian blockade of Black Sea ports, because Ukraine cannot export wheat, corn, oil and other key products. for the world market; just like that Russian invasion threatens to contaminate Ukrainian watersespecially the Azov Sea.

The leader of Ukraine thus addressed the OECD in a video intervention during the opening session of the annual ministerial meeting of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Zelensky has reproached the international community for warnings had not been heeded that his country launched about the consequences for the entire world of the maneuvers against it that Russia was preparing.

In his message, he also stressed the need to develop renewable energies to replace the Russian gas supply and has accused Moscow of preparing “a new migration crisis” in African and Asian countries that depend on grain imports, calling for long-term and “painful” sanctions against Russia.

“For a long time the world underestimated the importance of Ukraine and our warnings. Russia knew that a destabilization of Ukraine would have consequences for the entire world. That is why Russia wants to have control of Ukraine. That is why the basic interest of the entire world is to help the Ukrainian resistance,” Zelensky said.

“We must stop this war quickly”

According to Zelensky, so that these consequences in the world do not materialize: “We must stop this war quickly, guarantee food supplies through the Black Sea, because it is Ukrainian exports that have a stabilization role, and Russia must respond for the new migratory crisis that it is preparing by taking the inhabitants of Africa and Asia hostage.

Based on his analysis, “the world is currently experiencing a triple crisis, energy, food and values ​​crisis“Zelensky has insisted that a year ago these three crises “were premeditated and prepared by Russia, but the world did not want to see and hear what was happening. “There has been no desire, above all, to understand how the world situation is going to depend on what happens here, in this part of Europe.”

In short, Zelensky believes that “Russia’s war against Ukraine is the“Russian aggression against the order that existed in Europe and in the world”.

Finally, the Ukrainian president has not missed the opportunity to denounce that “there are hundreds of towns and cities destroyed in Ukraine, twelve million internally displaced people, making it the largest migratory crisis in Europe since the Second World War.”

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