Zhao Lusi showed up at JJ Lin’s concert, put on a surprised expression and complained online: It’s so artificial – Entertainment – Zhongshi News Network GRACIAAFRIKA NEWS

  1. Zhao Lusi showed up at JJ Lin’s concert, put on a surprised expression, and complained about the inside story online: It’s so artificial – EntertainmentChina Times News Network
  2. You can’t hide it by chasing stars secretly!The audience at JJ Lin’s concert was surprised to see “big celebrity actress” instantly trending on WeiboYahoo News
  3. Zhao Lusi was caught secretly chasing stars and was named by JJ Lin to go directly to the big screen | Free Electronic News | LINE TODAYLINE TODAY Taiwan
  4. Zhao Lusi “lost to the death ray” and became swollen into a steamed bun? “JJ Lin takes the blame” Fans of both sides start a battleFTVn
  5. Zhao Lusi’s true face as a star chaser was revealed and she opened her mouth in surprise, shocking JJ Linon.cc东网

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